Development-oriented Manufacturer of Special Printing Process

APORO Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

50 years since establishment with proven performance

We are a factory in midtown called 'Shitamachi' in Tokyo
established in 1959 as a metal name plate manufacturer.

As means of making name plates, we have performed coloring, printing and processing on various materials other than paper; such as metal, plastic, leather and glass which are not easy to handle; as a result, we have gained know-how, and have built a network. Currently, by utilizing our accumulated asset; we are working on new fields including the development of original products, and collaboration work with artists.

Our showroom has a large collection of samples!

No manufacturer can answer to our needs and request; we were turned down."
"We have no idea who to ask for."
Have you ever experienced such cases? If so, then, please contact us; your unique/special request is always welcomed!

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